Family growing a garden

We are wife and husband living together in harmony for many years and working as colleagues for more than 5 years. Our path to jewelry business was spontaneous and unexpected. We both left our office routine to dedicate all our passion, creativity and curiosity to jewelry creation process. Being Etsy sellers for several years and connecting with different people helped us to find style we like and do the best. Our jewelry is nature inspired, we use botanical designs and different nature alike shapes to create one of a kind pieces. We aim for high quality and traditional goldsmith techniques.

Why Eden Garden? We think this quote reflects our vision and fantasies perfectly:
"The Garden of Eden too had an earthly existence which often appeared on maps, located far to the east, where it was believed cut off from the rest of the world by a great mountain or ocean barrier or fiery wall. In the earthly Paradise grow every kind of tree and flowers of surpassing colors and a thousand scents which never fade and have healing qualities. Birds’ songs harmonize with the rustling of forest leaves and the rippling of streams flowing over jeweled rocks or over sands brighter than silver. A palace with columns of crystal and jasper sheds marvelous light. No wind or rain, heat or cold mars Paradise; no sickness, decay, death, or sorrow enters there. The mountain peak on which it is situated is so high it touches the sphere of the moon—but here the scientific mind intervened: that would be impossible, pronounced the 14th century author of Polychronicon, because it would cause an eclipse."

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